About MarketDone

Ideas, Strategy, Results

We are focused primarily on getting you up and running, or ready to level up to your next steps. For the last 11 years we've worked with entrepreneurs, social impact organizations and small businesses just like you, from ideation (fleshing out your idea in a 360 range of range of glorious possibilities and opportunities) to execution (a website with the right brand pictures, graphics, and content to connect with your audience and sell your service or items).

Working closely with you, we extract information, crafting a portrait of your mission online and in person. We talk about your why, your values, your goals, your growth. We are quick, realistic and practical and promise to walk by your side during our time together. If we sign you on, you can count on us being your biggest fan and cheerleader, and your accountability partner in getting it right.

We hope you are intrigued by the possible match of talent and opportunity that drives us to do what we do. We have the added joy of offering a network of referral partners that are experts in what they do to help with areas we don't work in, and a community networking component that provides immediate exposure and connection. If you have any questions, comments, intriguing ideas for collaboration or connection - reach out. That is the joy of our work and community - people and ideas, coupled with strategy and support and shiny results.

With over 20 years background with social impact organizations, Deanna Mims offers expertise in social media, marketing messaging, networking, collaboration and public relations. Her clients come from all walks of the entrepreneurial and business space, as well as non-profit and trade associations. She speaks, trains, and facilitates on a variety of marketing topics, as well as bespoke programs. She is enthusiastic about synergy between businesses and non-profits, new opportunities, community projects, entrepreneurial niches, personal and professional development, kayaking, travelling, storytelling, art and media of all kinds and marking things done. (Get it?)

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