Meet Roy Samuelson, Intern

Meet Roy Samuelson, Intern

My name is Roy W. Samuelson and I am an intern with Deanna Mims at MarketDone.  I am currently a graduate student at Florida State University in the Integrated Marketing Communications program. I am in my last semester of Graduate School, I graduate on May 2, 2015.

I started out my academic career as a music major, after pursuing that for a few years, I made the decision to switch to a degree in Communication.  After graduating I took a year off and explored many interests, applying to grad schools across the country.

I am interested in Videography and shooting videos, such as online promo videos, TV commercials, etc. When I was a music major, I worked as an audio engineer, which solidified my interest in editing audio, and through the graduate program at FSU, I solidified my interest in video.  I’ve also always had an avid interest in technology.  Whether it be video games, computers, phones, technology automobiles, planes, the space station – I ate it all up.  Now that technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives, it’s no surprise that working with technology has become a passion of mine.  In fact, working on and optimizing the technology in the MarketDone office has become a small project for me.

Being here at with Deanna at MarketDone has been very educational for me.  I’ve told Deanna, that there are some things that you just can’t learn or don’t learn in a classroom-based learning environment. For instance, in the classroom we learn and discuss the strategies around clients based on the notion that we already have the client and there are no issues or struggles.  However, that is more of an ideal situation, rather than an actual representation of what happens.

My ideal career would have me fully immersed in technology, working at any of the big technology or video entertainment companies. Being at such companies as Google, Valve or Blizzard would be an amazing experience.

After graduation, you can find me taking some well-deserved time off and exploring Tallahassee.  I’m a big craft beer fan and I’d love to try my hand at doing some brewing of my own.  I don’t own one yet, but acquiring a decent DSLR (A digital single-lens reflex camera) would be great, enabling me to work on both my video and photography skills.  With it, I would produce a short stop-motion animation film, as mastering projects like this will help me grow my career and expertise.

In my spare time I’m a fan of watching movies, working on upgrading my computer, spotting the different types of shots and angles in movies, playing video games and relaxing at home with my cat.

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