Meet Samantha Carpenter, Intern at MarketDone

My name is Samantha Carpenter. This experience at MarketDone has helped me to better myself as a business woman. I have a private line of bath products that I only sell locally for the time being and Deanna has given me great tips to better grow and manage my business, especially in this rough economy.


Most of what I do at MarketDone is socially based, including creating social media campaigns for clients to use during the holidays. Each client is different, so things always stay interesting when we’re developing content. I love coming up with creative new posts for different companies and seeing the ones that get the most re-posts and engagements. The best reward that comes from working at MarketDone is seeing through analytics how our client’s online presence increases quickly through the work we do as a team. I can appreciate the down home values that everyone on the MarketDone team shares because I was born and raised right here in Tallahassee.

In addition to helping local businesses expand their exposure, I love riding horses, performing exotic dance, and chowing down on the awesome sushi at Azu’s,one of the team’s favorite sushi joints.


I am in my last year at Lincoln High School, and will graduate in May of  2015 and move to Fort Lauderdale to study fashion design at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Some of the many valuable tools that I have learned while working here at MarketDone such as being comfortable with talking to new people and going after my goals, will be life skills that I will cherish and carry with me to Fort Lauderdale.

It has been incredible working with Deanna Mims and the entire team at MarketDone. Not only is Deanna a fabulous boss, but she is also a wonderful friend. There is no better feeling than to head to work knowing that you will be helping others make their business dreams come true and all while working beside caring people who support you.

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