We’ve helped scores of small businesses and associations increase their visibility and connect with their ideal clientele. We'll start with an understanding of where you are and where you want to go, and determine the steps to do just that.

How Do We Work?

We start with an evaluation, follow with a bespoke proposal crafted to accomplish the expressed goals and train, teach, execute and example every step of the way. The types of projects we take on for non-profit social impact organizations, new entrepreneurs, and small to medium sized businesses include the following:



We are your muse, your guide and your accountability partner. From Ideation to Execution, honing and fleshing out your concept, your messaging, your collateral, your website, your outreach, your brand and your delivery.

  • Establish your brand, concept, logo, product, audience, and outreach
  • Build brand content and messaging for web, collateral, pr, media, social media, etc. for consistency, clarity, and impact.
  • Marketing messaging including 30 second intro creation and marketing differentiation
  • Resource/skills/time and tools assessment
  • Collateral development
  • Training – marketing education on procedures, purpose, hr response
  • Procedures and protocols
  • Crafting creative marketing approaches

Our emphasis will be on establishing your narrative voice, and keeping you on track with the best practices and recommended tools.

Business Development


We build systems and establish collaborations and resources. These services enable you to recognize and take advantage of opportunities, as well as make your own, with an expanded network.

  • Acquire your web domain, craft your presence on social media
  • Put in place your systems and resources- Establishing your platform and training your on the easiest, least expensive way to do what you need to do
  • Expand your professional collaborations and outreach. Network and collaboration building – on line and off. (Who do you co-market and share costs with? Who is your market test group to run by changes in product or messaging? Who do you work with to offer added value?)
  • Create public relations opportunities and earned media

We've built your house, now we put you in a) neighborhood, for immediate increased visibility through our community site, AboutTally, and possibly as part of our Preferred Referral Network.

Training & Speaking


  • Customized topics are available and tailored to your particular group and goals.


  • Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

A fast-paced, interactive explanation of the differences among the ‘TweetInFace’ trio, tips you’ve never thought of to drive business to your website and how to GET GOING!

  • Failing Forward: What to Do When ‘It’ Just Doesn’t Work Out: Pivoting to Success

Failing is painful and completely inevitable. How do you get past the feelings, find the opportunity and innovation in the reassessment and move FORWARD? We could have called this “Failure as a Gift.”\r

  • Who Are You and Why Should I Care? Your 30 Second Elevator Intro

Experts say you have about 3.5 SECONDS to capture and engage anyone who asks you what you do. You’d better be ready to make the most of this opportunity, the first time! A formula for crafting an intro that is compelling, memorable, dynamic, informative – and with practice – so comfortable and natural you won’t feel like you have to take a shower afterward!

  • The Power of Follow-up

Learn why those little stacks of business cards sitting on the corner of your desk gathering dust are like little uncashed checks… They are your VOUCHERS to access all the collaboration and synergistic components that are necessary for you to be a dynamic, successful, connected source in your community. Learn ways to cash these checks!\r

  • Networking and Genuine Relationship Building

Learn to master the art of genuine relationship building and strategic networking to climb the ladder to personal and professional success. Successfully forging trusting and reciprocal relationships with others is one main factor distinguishing highly successful people from everyone else who can’t, won’t, or just don’t.

  • Extroverts vs. Introverts, Right Brained-left Brained- Playing to your strengths

Jack-of-all-trades and master of none? Or master of the skills you are strongest in, passionate about and want to max out? Figure out what skill sets, activities and attributes are worth strengthening that other muscle for and how to play your preferences as strengths.\r

  • Social Media for Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Non-Profits

Marketing and technology has changed a lot in the past twenty years, not to mention the last 6 mos.. Conditions call for business owners to stand aside and learn the new strategies and techniques that young entrepreneurs are using that have revolutionized the way we handle marketing today. The time to take advantage of this tool and boost your business is now.\r

  • The CEO of You

You as Your Product – assume a whole different value stance today. Take control, build your own board of directors, set a strategy and discover what sets you apart from others. When you recognize that You are all you really have to educate, promote, sell, manage and innovate from, your life will change. Are you ready for the next step?

  • 360° Opportunity Discovery/Overcoming Blocks to Creative Thinking

360° Opportunity Discovery means always scanning your environment for possibilities, opportunities, players, partners, causes and ways to apply what you are passionate or curious about to open up your world and fulfill more of your enormous potential.\r

  • Determining your Unique Selling Proposition - for Businesses and Individuals

To successfully market itself, every business owner needs to focus on what’s special and different about his or her business, and understand their WOW factor. 7 steps to optimizing your marketing with your USP and brand promise.\r

  • Business Development Approaches for New Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses

Low cost ways to create an integrated marketing strategy to reach your target market.

  • Mentor Relationships

Reasons to get a mentor and have a mentee and how to become GREAT at both!\r\n"




Our technology enabling the About family of community oriented websites. This is a sophisticated platform providing rich tools that connect businesses and community.

AboutTally, Where Tallahassee Connects!


Our community website with the vision to serve as a point of connection among community, families, small business, nonprofit associations, entrepreneurs and individuals across all spectrums and demographics. AboutTally includes a free business directory, events, articles, interviews and much more.

AboutTally v2.0 coming May 1st, 2020!



AboutYou site pages gives AboutTally businesses and professionals an "upgraded" experience allowing direct connections to the community/ Site pages also serve as business web pages that are already plugged in to the neighborhood of AboutTally.



Write2Web is a fast, human-guided, process that takes your project or business from idea to web, using our thorough, easy, inexpensive, and professional process... in 48 hours or under.

Tallahassee Entrepreneurs Network (TEN)


Tallahassee Entrepreneurs Network is a dynamic every-other-month entrepreneurship workshop. Its goals are to facilitate collaboration and relationship building, provide opportunities to hone networking skills, and to empower participants with practical business knowledge.

e2e connect, learn, share- presenter of the Dandi Awards

E2E Connect

The idea is simple- recognize, publicize, acknowledge, and celebrate those living the American Dream by starting their own business.


Pivot Camp

A program to recover, redirect, and celebrate when your project, business, circumstance "fails" to it's next iteration. How will you pivot your next challenge?


A three month, small closed group format of support, accountability, and masterminding to bring your idea to fruition.

Career Prep

Career Prep

A dynamic and effective one-of-a-kind program that provides college students with the vital skill set and practiced experience to prepare for and land a job after graduation. Career Prep was developed as a result of the hundreds of students’ feedback telling us the vast majority of students lack real-life skills to successfully interview and land a post-graduation job.