Comprehensive Social Media Marketing

You COULD do it.

We get it. You could spend the time to learn correct ways to post. When to use a hashtag and how. What time to post on Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. Cultivating evergreen content. Remembering to link to the right contacts.

But most people we work with want to concentrate on their CORE COMPETENCIES – the reason they went into business – and have a trusted partner to handle social media as the thing they do best.

Social Media Management requires a creative understanding of one’s brand, goals and resources. We start with a FREE evaluation to assess your needs.  Then we strategize on an integrated plan to execute your messaging.

We become fluid in your narrative voice, and believe that not many other social media management shops out there offer the level of personalization and overall care that we do.

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Opportunity Cost

We offer monthly social media packages that range from initial account setup to optimizing existing accounts, either with the goal of informing, educating, engaging and ultimately driving valuable traffic to your website. Social Media Best Practice Packages include:

  • A dedicated account manager who becomes an out-of-shop team member, knows your account well and takes personal responsibility for your progress;
  • Oversight from the owner and a 2-3 person social media team who weighs in on content and approaches;
  • Customized social media strategy tailored to your target customers and business goals with curation, population, management & monitoring

Oh yeah…we take care of engaging with commenters, monitoring spam and finding the right connections you need to be linked with.  We started as consultants to entrepreneurs, small businesses and for/not-for profit associations. We are passionate about helping our base, as well as medium-sized ventures, with singular responsiveness, deep expertise and reasonable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Management? It is management of all your social media activities, giving you time to focus on your bottom line – working more in your business instead of on your business. We strategize, curate, post, manage and respond to your online social media activity.

Do I need a website to start using MarketDone? You do not need a website to use MarketDone’s services, although we hope to create an integrated marketing plan that involves driving traffic to your site. The only thing you need to start is to have enlisted our services to either create a login and password for the desired accounts on your behalf, or to share the ones you’ve already created with us. We can take care of the rest.

Do I have to give you my login information? If your accounts are already created, we do require login information. You can trust your information will always be kept safe and secure.

Does MarketDone respond to comments and questions on our social media pages? Yes, depending on the level of service you sign up for. When you sign up, we ask for a list of common questions and general facts about your company so we can respond on your social media pages. If there is something we don’t have the answer to or needs a more detailed response, we will get it from you or direct them to contact (your) customer service.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time? MarketDone allows you to change your package with a 30 day month’s notice. We set a specific retainer engagement based on your goals and what is fair to us both.

Can I cancel at any time? You may cancel your account with a 30 days notice, though you may be charged a cancellation fee. Once an account is cancelled, MarketDone will immediately stop posting to your social media sites.

How often do you post to my social media sites? That all depends on the package that you order. Please see the schedule of choices.

How long does setup take? Setup can take up to 7 business days from the date the complete information is received from you.

When do you start posting? MarketDone will start posting to your social media sites when setup is complete and we have all of the required information from you.

How soon will I see social media growth? The timeframe and amount of growth that you will see is directly related to your business and its market. Small businesses in a very niche market will see smaller growth numbers than a large business with a wider market.

Will you set up my social media accounts? If necessary and no accounts exist, we will work closely with you to get pages set up as some are linked to private accounts.

Does MarketDone create my social media content or am I supplying that? We love creating and curating all content to post on your channels: save the events, sales, shout outs, current events, announcements and other topical content that we will encourage you to contribute.

How does MarketDone create content to post? Once you’re signed up, you provide us with a description of your business along with other information that allows us to research and become familiar with your business brand, voice and niche. We then find content specifically suited for your target audience and market.

Who uses MarketDone Social Media Services?  Examples include: Computer Software Firms | Awards and Recognition Shops | Writers | Magazines | Plumbers | Home Repair | Accounting Firms | Churches | Non Profit Consultants | Chiropractors | Auctioneers | Service Companies | Spas | Dentists | Financial Services | Educators, Coaches and Trainers | Non Profit Social Services | Trade Associations | Graphic Artists | Wellness Services | Nutrition Specialists | Professional Organizers | Attorneys | Photographers

Hear It From Them

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Adrienne Bryant

HUGE shoutout to Deanna Mims – MarketDone! Wow, what a motivator you are for me each and every time I hear you speak! And then to have an opportunity to talk to you one on one? One word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I highly recommend her services to anyone!

Tony Carvajal

Deanna is incredible. Her professionalism, her commitment, her energy and her ability to make others look great is amazing. You can count on her to help you get the task done right…and then some. If you ever have a chance to work with her, jump at the opportunity. If you ever get the chance to have her steer one of your projects, don’t think twice. You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah-Beth Hopton

Deanna’s energy and enthusiasm for her clients’ success is infectious. She brings the compassion of a caretaker and the creativity of an artist to each of her client’s projects.

Ron Frazier

It has been my pleasure to work with Deanna Mims and the MarketDone team on a number of engagements. In each and every case, Deanna has 1) gone above and beyond to capture an in-depth understanding of the opportunity, 2) brought incredible creativity and talent to the engagement, and 3) delivered world class solutions. Deanna is one of the most conscientious people I have ever met.

Everett Barney

Deanna does a great job in helping entrepreneurs like myself shape a strong message and foundation to start a company. She creates a great environment for entrepreneurs to grow and network with each other.

Marjorie Schoelles

There are a handful of folks I know I can count on 110% to give their all, follow through on commitments and push forward through challenges with the aplomb Deanna Mims brings to any project. I’ve seen her take a grain of an idea and grow it to a packed house in the first year of an event. She is also a “power connector”, always looking out for who in her circle of influence should meet to partner and grow opportunity. Combine all that with her passion for life and the trust factor she brings to every situation and I feel privileged to consider Deanna one of my business “go to” people.

Gina Jordan

Deanna is a tireless cheerleader who will keep you and your employees motivated and inspired. She comes to the table overflowing with ideas. She knows the ins and outs of every facet of marketing, from social media to one on one networking. She’s a captivating speaker, a patient teacher, and a supportive coach. She genuinely cares about the people she works with. Deanna is a true inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

Felicia Lamothe

Deanna Mims is one of the most passionate and driven people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her professionalism is never ceasing and her genuine enthusiasm is contagious. She challenges you to be and do better, and is invested in your success. Her charismatic personality and strong business sense make her an easy choice when I’m in need of professional guidance.

John Chason

Deanna is the consummate professional. Not only is she very skilled in her industry, but she also brings a very important intangible to the table, and that is passion. Deanna is passionate about entrepreneurship and the advancement of the entrepreneurial climate in Tallahassee. She is doing that exceedingly well.

Donna Konuch

I have had the pleasure of working with Deanna Mims on several occasions.  Deanna is one of the most dynamic and inventive people I know.  I have attended her classes and seminars, and was impressed with her teaching skills and expression of content.  She is enthusiastic, talented and an ideal person to work with anyone on their particular entrepreneurial path.

Beverly Remien

“All I can say is that Deanna knows her stuff! She has been a jewel to work with. She has made recommendations to improve my public relations and marketing efforts which were on point every time. I see such great value in her offerings and can’t imagine working without her. Get her services and YOU can market done!”