Quick Do’s for a Primo Profile on LinkedIn

GSD – Quick Do's For A Primo Profile


 Tip #1 for Promoting your Blog: Submit Guest Posts on Popular Blogs – Apply to both aspirational blogs  and secondary not-as-popular but perhaps more likely to engage a guest blogger(as about 65-70% of the traffic generated by thought experts in their well known blogs from around the world comes from Search Engines.) Here are the…

10 Dollar-Savvy Ideas for Continuous, Targeted Business Marketing by Fredrick Cameron

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business growth, but yes, it is time consuming and may sometimes seem like an unnecessary exercise. It can also be costly to keep up some campaigns and many smaller businesses can simply not afford to consistently spend large amounts of funds on it. However, marketing is essential to the…

How to find new opportunities to improve SEO

Guest post by Felix Tarcomnicu on improving SEO.

Guest Post: A Simple Little Strategy

Today, we’re going to talk about getting more stuff

How to Say You Are Sorry

Deanna’s favorite article on, “How to Say You’re Sorry,” is from IttyBiz. Occasionally in your life and business, you may make a mistake or two.  Sometimes your mistake will be a small mistake. Your wife likes tea roses and you got her a bird of paradise. Your client call was at 8 pm and you…

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