This is not your typical networking event!

Participants will apply what they learn with other professionals on site, in real time. There are new people with new energy every time, and a great number of repeat attendees!  It will challenge us (in a supportive and safe way) to get out of our comfort zone and do something different than the traditional meet and greet protocol.

What is TEN?

Tallahassee Entrepreneurs Network is a dynamic every-other-month entrepreneurship workshop.  Its goals are to facilitate collaboration and relationship building, provide opportunities to hone networking skills, and to empower participants with practical business knowledge. TEN began in 2009 and was the brain child of local business owner and life coach, Elizabeth Barbour – The Inspired Entrepreneur, and MarketDone President – Deanna Mims.  Part of their vision was to create an event, similar to Toastmasters, that would provide participants with a safe and supportive environment, that would allow them to have fun, and learn to see through new “networking eyes.”

Who is a good fit?

TEN poster
• Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs

• Small business owners

• Home-based business owners

• Intrapreneurs – an employee who applies entrepreneurial principles when performing their job

• Anyone new to Tallahassee who wants to be connected

• Sales professionals

• Business students

Who will benefit most?

• Those who want to grow their business and understand that relationships are key to success

• Those who are afraid of networking or otherwise reluctant

• Those who feel overwhelmed, nervous, or out-of-place at more traditional networking events

• Those who feel burned out, cynical or are a “reluctant  schmoozers.”

TEN Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy It!

1. Build relationships to expand your circle of influence with motivated professionals.

2. Learn new tools to market yourself & your business.

3. Improve communication skills in your professional and personal life.

4. Find out about other networking opportunities.

5. Share business challenges and brainstorm solutions using new perspectives.

6. Celebrate your successes with others.

7. Connect and collaborate with other TEN members through the Facebook page.

8. Change your mindset about networking from awkward to impactful!

9. Learn from others’ experience.

10. It’s fun!

What do participants think of TEN?

Jo Shoupe, photographer – “I thought it was awesome!”

Tocoi Arthur, Socially Influence – “Lots of fun! Always great to meet new people!”

Karen Cooley, North Florida Financial – “I have long believed in the power of networking and building community relationships. These relationships often lead to better business and certainly contribute to a feeling of well-being and being more connected within Tallahassee. TEN explores how to make these relationships even more fulfilling and authentic. For folks that have been fearful of networking, TEN provides the tools to make this process easier and even fun. For those of us that consider ourselves to be strong in this area, Deanna shares perspectives that give networking a whole new meaning.”


Hear It From Them

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

John Chason

Deanna is the consummate professional. Not only is she very skilled in her industry, but she also brings a very important intangible to the table, and that is passion. Deanna is passionate about entrepreneurship and the advancement of the entrepreneurial climate in Tallahassee. She is doing that exceedingly well.

Tony Carvajal

Deanna is incredible. Her professionalism, her commitment, her energy and her ability to make others look great is amazing. You can count on her to help you get the task done right…and then some. If you ever have a chance to work with her, jump at the opportunity. If you ever get the chance to have her steer one of your projects, don’t think twice. You won’t be disappointed.

Beverly Remien

“All I can say is that Deanna knows her stuff! She has been a jewel to work with. She has made recommendations to improve my public relations and marketing efforts which were on point every time. I see such great value in her offerings and can’t imagine working without her. Get her services and YOU can market done!”

Sarah-Beth Hopton

Deanna’s energy and enthusiasm for her clients’ success is infectious. She brings the compassion of a caretaker and the creativity of an artist to each of her client’s projects.

Everett Barney

Deanna does a great job in helping entrepreneurs like myself shape a strong message and foundation to start a company. She creates a great environment for entrepreneurs to grow and network with each other.

Donna Konuch

I have had the pleasure of working with Deanna Mims on several occasions.  Deanna is one of the most dynamic and inventive people I know.  I have attended her classes and seminars, and was impressed with her teaching skills and expression of content.  She is enthusiastic, talented and an ideal person to work with anyone on their particular entrepreneurial path.

Ron Frazier

It has been my pleasure to work with Deanna Mims and the MarketDone team on a number of engagements. In each and every case, Deanna has 1) gone above and beyond to capture an in-depth understanding of the opportunity, 2) brought incredible creativity and talent to the engagement, and 3) delivered world class solutions. Deanna is one of the most conscientious people I have ever met.

Felicia Lamothe

Deanna Mims is one of the most passionate and driven people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her professionalism is never ceasing and her genuine enthusiasm is contagious. She challenges you to be and do better, and is invested in your success. Her charismatic personality and strong business sense make her an easy choice when I’m in need of professional guidance.

Marjorie Schoelles

There are a handful of folks I know I can count on 110% to give their all, follow through on commitments and push forward through challenges with the aplomb Deanna Mims brings to any project. I’ve seen her take a grain of an idea and grow it to a packed house in the first year of an event. She is also a “power connector”, always looking out for who in her circle of influence should meet to partner and grow opportunity. Combine all that with her passion for life and the trust factor she brings to every situation and I feel privileged to consider Deanna one of my business “go to” people.

Gina Jordan

Deanna is a tireless cheerleader who will keep you and your employees motivated and inspired. She comes to the table overflowing with ideas. She knows the ins and outs of every facet of marketing, from social media to one on one networking. She’s a captivating speaker, a patient teacher, and a supportive coach. She genuinely cares about the people she works with. Deanna is a true inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

Adrienne Bryant

HUGE shoutout to Deanna Mims – MarketDone! Wow, what a motivator you are for me each and every time I hear you speak! And then to have an opportunity to talk to you one on one? One word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I highly recommend her services to anyone!