Tip #1 for Promoting your Blog:

Submit Guest Posts on Popular Blogs – Apply to both aspirational blogs  and secondary not-as-popular but perhaps more likely to engage a guest blogger(as about 65-70% of the traffic generated by thought experts in their well known blogs from around the world comes from Search Engines.) Here are the 3 main reasons you want to guest blog:

  1. To position yourself as a thought expert and build exposure as a well-known name in your subject area and community.
  2. To get traffic back to your website where all your long-form expertise, services, products and brand elements are spelled out.
  3. Building backlinks to your website.

When looking for places to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry. You are looking for blogs that fit the following criteria:

  • The content is focused on your niche/industry.
  • The audience of the blog will be interested in your industry.
  • The blog has engaged readership (posts have been shared socially and commented upon).
  • The blog owner is active on social media (so you know that they will be promoting your work on their site).

Google Searches

Google is where you want to start in your search to guest post. You can use any of the following keyword searches to find blogs that accept guest posts. Just replace keyword with keywords from your niche. For example, if I’m doing a google search to find guest post opportunities to write on marketing topics, it would look like:

  • Marketing “submit a guest post”
  • Marketing  “accepting guest posts”
  • Marketing  “guest post guidelines”

Here some excellent expert sources to dive deeper to learn these concepts and how to accomplish these suggestions from:

  1. https://writingcooperative.com/54-guest-posting-sites-you-should-submit-to-for-more-organic-traffic-edb858951b76
  2. https://www.effectivebusinessideas.com/blogs-that-accept-guest-posts/
  3. https://www.pickaweb.co.uk/kb/interlink-wordpress-articles-blog-posts/
  4. https://neilpatel.com/blog/guide-to-guest-blogging/
  5. https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Divvy_Blog_Post_Promo_Checklist_2018_v1-1.pdf
  6. https://media.coschedule.com/uploads/Blog_Nathan_HowToPromoteYourBlog-Checklist107.pdf
  7. https://coschedule.com/blog/how-to-promote-your-blog/
  8. https://business.pinterest.com/en

Of course, search for your own, learning from online blogs and articles from experts (which is what we are encouraging others to do with you!) is a great way to gain mastery over just about anything when you then apply the learning to practice.

Tip # 2 for Promoting Your Blog:


Don’t ignore interlinking from your very own blog. Interlinking will help your blog grow in terms of SEO, as well as help reduce the bounce rate of the traffic generated to your blog.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to interlink randomly, meaning you want a tiered system of internal linking to keep things clear and logical for crawlers and users. A tiered system of internal linking is recommended to keep things clear and logically linked.

Note: there are certainly many WordPress plugins available to use for interlink articles or posts automatically, but as plugins are not always well maintained and cannot think thru what YOU know about your content, you are best served by interlinking manually (instructions from one expert above on blue internal linking underlined link). Keeping it simple and clean by doing it yourself will help the web crawling bots deliver you faster indexing and better rankings, and will help your readers spend more time engaging with your content.

Tip # 3 for Promoting Your Blog:

Keywords are King! Choose your keyword and create content with your unique take on both.

Courtesy of an excellent article on how to proceed with Keywords https://www.lifewire.com/tricks-to-use-keywords-in-blog-posts-3476654: “One of the biggest sources of traffic to your blog will be search engines, particularly Google. You can boost the traffic that comes to your blogs from search engines by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tricks into your blog layout and writing. You can get started by doing some keyword research and determining which keywords are likely to drive the most traffic to your blog.

You can also check out Brian Dean’s definitive guide to keyword research. It’s pretty detailed and easy to use, one of the best I’ve seen.

  • Lastly, be sure and check out on Google the top 10 ranking results, and see how they can apply to you to write a better post. We know there is always at least one more thing you can do to achieve excellence in your product, and that could be exampled in Google’s top 10 by more meaningful images, more in-depth explanations, linking to more resources, or all of the above together.

Tip # 4 for Promoting Your Blog:

Here we are talking consistency for regular promotion. Establish your simple, quick process, checklist it and follow it each and every time you publish a new post. In other words, at least for the first 3 months of content creation and promotion, promote each piece of content you put up, the same exact way, every single time. This will enable you to:

  1. Gauge results as they start to come in, noticing what becomes the norm for that first 3 months or so to establish your baseline.
  2. When something gets a lot MORE than your usual results – more comments, more tagging others, more shares, you’ll know to promote that/those particular pieces more aggressively by sharing multiple times with alternate headlines to your followers, or paying for promotion.

You, of course, want to promote your blog at as little cost as possible. In fact you CAN go 2 routes – free or paid.

 Promoting for Free: sharing your own content to different social media channels and bookmarking sites.

  • For a tech blog, you’d share to HackerNews.
  • For marketing blog articles, I’d share Growth Hubfor marketing stuff
  • For blog articles on productivity and education GrowthHackers.

Begin by sharing content and also read and vote up other people’s content.

The paid route is even simpler. All you need is $5 a day to promote your posts on Facebook.

The way to make this happen is pretty simple:

Research what your ideal audience’s demographics are by targeting them on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. directly.

Share your blog posts, ask for feedback or to share if they find value and then monitor what kind of results you are or are not getting.

It’s a big topic but you can bite off a little at a time with that $5 budget for 3-5 days each time as you learn as to not make it a scary investment. Check out: https://buffer.com/library/facebook-ads.

For Life Coaches – you’d resource from https://www.streetdirectory.com/etoday/best-social-bookmarking-sites-eccow.html

Tip #5 for Promoting Your Blog:

Always utilize blog ‘call outs’ with an easily facilitated share button like this one I pulled from online research for adding a ‘click to tweet’ automation button:


As you write your blog, be sure and format the page where you have your best, shareable original wording set off in a box or centered in the page by itself. Put a ‘click to share’ option like below to make it easier for your readers to share your quotes with others WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR PAGE and that will lead folks reading that share back to your content. Feel free to search for ‘add click to share on facebook’ or whatever your social media channel is that you want to share on.


**include one of these in your blog posts: “Promote every #blog #post equally, you never know which one is going to be a winner” using CLICK TO TWEET 

You can best accomplish this in WordPress with these excellent instructions: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-ways-to-use-social-share-buttons-on-your-blog/

Tip # 6 for Promoting Your Blog:


  • MarketDone’s #1 Rule You can promote the same content using different snippets. Those snippets are then targeted to different audience and can be shared on different social media channels and groups.
  • What can you build into your website to encourage engagement within your social media accounts? How about offering exclusive content to users that share your content on social media?
  • Twitter is a brilliant source of competitive intelligence. Use their search to find others in your space who share great useful articles, then network with those individuals and ask them to share your content, and of course, share theirs. It’s estimated that while your email will get ignored frequently, at least 10% will share your content. It’s an easy way to gain traction to your blog.
  • Create custom social sharing buttons to avoid the share from their site promoting their site. You need to do it separately for each social network. Google: “instructions for”:
  • Twitter Custom Buttons
  • Facebook Share Buttons
  • LinkedIn Custom Buttons
  • Google +1 Button
  • Pinterest Widget Builder
  • If you are not already there – UTILIZE Pinterest! It is one of the most under-used and considered platforms with a very long hang time and great traffic, and has many,many business applications. Surprised? take a look and see if anyone is sharing content in your niche before you dismiss it as an option. Research group boards for post placement.
  • Make your own images using Canva, making sure you add relevant text to the image. Once the post images are ready, you can share them on yours, and group boards.
  • Market your content on social media with a plugin like (or something similar) to Revive Old Post to yourWordPress (and Hootsuite) blog.  This will share your older articles into your social media channels, Within a few minutes, you’ve got social channel updates to old content.  A/B or Split Test by changing the captions, which allows you to test which types of headlines people most respond to and engage with.
  • Interact regularly on your social channels by answering to questions, thanking those that shared your posts, shouting out to local collaborators and businesses and of course sharing other people’s excellent posts.
  • Utilize image quotes. Like Facebook Image Quotes, create your own quotes with your signature below, created in Canva or something similar. I call these ‘ism’ posts – a Deannaism would be ‘Think it, Create it, Get it Out the Door’ Deanna Mims, MarketDone


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