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Is Running Your Business Running You Down?

That’s why we do, what we do, for businesses just like you.

We Walk By Your Side

  • We believe in collaboration and partnership with flexibility and innovation.
  • We are interested in long term relationships, not short-term fees.
  • We’ll agree to a investment up front – you’ll have no surprises. Added value is standard.
  • We work from a base of fairness, high integrity and honesty, and strong communication. We ask the same from our clients.
  • We believe in strong communication. In fact, it’s written into our agreement.
  • We want your input, feedback and suggestions – it can only make us better for you!


How Do We Work? We start with an evaluation, follow with a bespoke proposal crafted to accomplish the expressed goals and train, teach, execute and example every step of the way.


Business Development

From idea to finished product or service, collaboration and systems are key to successful business development.


Social Media

You COULD do it. We get it. You could spend the time to learn correct ways to post. When to use a hashtag and how. What time to post on social media...



MarketDone offers several speaking topics and bespoke training tailored to your particular group and goals.


Ideas Strategy Success

Not Your Typical Marketing Company

We compare our methodology to a quilt - but instead of beautiful, unique fabric squares, we use elements of conventional public relations, guerilla strategies, low-cost marketing, storytelling, consultative sales, old school advertising, philanthropy, intuition, empathy and vision to build you the marketing plan that works for the passion project you want to bring into the world. We ask the deep questions, help you get clarity, organize and sequence your work in the right steps, and get you launched telling the story of who you are, why we should care, why what you offer is extraordinary and why buy now.

Direct Help for FREE

Let Deanna give you actionable steps in a free 30 minute interactive session. Her superpower is to see things about your service or goods that are not obvious (to you). Let her help you 1) expand your audience and your reach, 2) generate valuable collaboration opportunities and 3) gain a new perspective on your challenges.

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Hear It From Them

Interested in working with us?

Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Alisa LaPolt

Speaker, Consultant, Storyteller

As a communications consultant, I find it easy to craft messages for my clients with the right words. But that task was difficult and frustrating when it came to nailing down my own website's wording.

Deanna took my descriptions and stories about who I am and what I do -- which seemed mixed and disjointed in my mind -- and pieced them together to create a powerful message and brand for my work and life purpose.

I highly recommend Deanna to anyone who's struggling with their online identity. Thanks, Deanna!

Ron Frazier

Entrepreneur-in-Residence- Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship

It has been my pleasure to work with Deanna Mims and the MarketDone team on a number of engagements. In each and every case, Deanna has...

1) gone above and beyond to capture an in-depth understanding of the opportunity,

2) brought incredible creativity and talent to the engagement, and

3) delivered world class solutions. Deanna is one of the most conscientious people I have ever met.


Exclusive Career Coaching

What Deanna Mims knows - really gets - about social media marketing blows my mind! She has been a wonderful strategic partner for my business, and I highly recommend her to other Tallahassee small businesses who want to explode the awareness of their business on social media. She's the best!

Sarah Beth Hopton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Technical & Professional Writing

Deanna's energy and enthusiasm for her clients' success is infectious. She brings the compassion of a caretaker and the creativity of an artist to each of her client's projects. Her results speak for themselves: she was named one of the "Women to Know" by the Tallahassee Democrat, singularly managed a successful annual entrepreneur appreciation award, continues to grow her business, and is considered an expert in her field.

Judy Micale, PCC

Judy Micale & Associates, Inc.

Deanna has a dynamic personality. Her professionalism, ideas and support are spot on.

I highly recommend Deanna her dedication and authentic personality are truly one of a kind. There are no regrets when you hire Deanna for marketing.